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When you arrive in Acharavi there is much that a local travel agent can offer.

Castaway Travel is Acharavi’s longest established travel agent.

Usually they possess a wealth of information about the resort and can advise you on bus timetables, location of chemists (hopefully you wont need one) and a whole range of other things.

More experienced travel agents will undoubtedly have more local knowledge than your holiday rep (if you are on a package holiday) and they can often provide you with things such as car hire and excursions at a lower cost than your holiday rep.

They are also more likely to be honest about excursions.  For example if you are enquiring about a day cruise with long hours exposed to the sun and have small children, a local travel is more likely to suggest an alternative rather than going for the commission based sale as a holiday rep would !

Excursions and Car Hire

As an ex-holiday rep, I can tell you that your holiday rep’s job is to get you to a welcome meeting as soon as possible after your arrival (and before you have a chance to explore the resort and find travel agents) to sell you as many excursions and car hire as possible !  This is a commonly known fact.  Let’s face it they are only doing their job!

The advice is to ALWAYS attend the welcome meeting as there is a wealth of information especially health and safety advice which is important.  As far as car hire and excursions is concerned, do not buy at the welcome meeting - do as you would in your own country and shop around.  Travel agents almost always provide the same excursions and car hire deals at a lower price.

Travel agents can also exchange cash or travellers cheques.  The commission is the same at all agents - 2%.

Acharavi - Travel Agents

Boats are synonymous with Greece so boat excursions are very popular Poolside Relaxation
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