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You are seriously spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a restaurant in Acharavi.

Whether you fancy traditional Greek cuisine, British food, Italian, Indian, Chinese, take-away or anything else, you will find that your tastes are catered for somewhere.

It is impossible to say where the best place to eat is.  There are so many and seldom does anyone complain of a bad meal in Acharavi.

Eating Out


Feta (White Goat Cheese)

Usually served with Greek salad or eaten as a starter with oil and black pepper

Tiropitakia (Small Cheese Pies)

Made from feta, eggs, flour, milk and rolled with pastry.


Horiatiki (Greek Salad)

Made with tomatoes, cucumber, feta, olives and onions

Lahano (Cabbage)

Cut into thin slices and served with oil and lemon

Main Courses

Moussaka (Layers of egg-plant, minced meat and potatoes topped with cheese sauce and baked)

Souzoukakia (Meat Balls)

Made with tomato sauce and garlic

Frikase (Lamb casserole)

Boiled with celery and herbs

Gigantes (Beans)

Baked butter beans in a spicy tomato sauce

Stifado (Stew)

A Greek beef and onion stew that is mildly sweet, sour and spiced with onions.


Baklava (Syrup cake made from pastry and walnuts)

Yoghurt with honey and nuts (A lovely local desert)

Just a few restaurants to choose from In Acharavi

The Pumphouse


Lemon Garden

The Greek way of eating is SLOW.  You should enjoy the experience of a meal with friends or family.  Sometimes, particularly in UK restaurants, you can feel the “eat-up quickly we have other customers who need that table” atmosphere.  Not in Greece.

A meal out is a special occasion and one to take your time over.  Children are extremely well catered for.  Just about every restaurant has a children’s menu and children are notoriously loved by the Greeks.  It’s not unusual to see a whole table set out especially for the young ones - and all from different families.  Having children running around enjoying themselves is totally acceptable, in fact it is welcomed in Greece.  It is not unusual for a Greek family to go to dinner at 11PM and not leave the restaurant until the early hours.

Do not expect fast-food service in restaurants—just good service.  This is Greece and the pace is slow.  Sit down, relax and enjoy the good food and good company.  Tipping is not compulsory but is expected if you are happy with the service—a maximum of 10% of the bill total is a guide.

Algeria Tapas Bar

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