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Acharavi Nightlife

After a relaxing day on the beach or at the pool and a slow meal in a local restaurant, what better way to spend the rest of the evening in one of the bars in Acharavi.  

There are many bars catering for all tastes.  From the local kafenion to music bars and places that offer a wide range of entertainment for rounding off the evening with a bit of fun and socialising.

Cocktails are popular and the most popular beers are Mythos and Amstel.  Of course you can enjoy all the popular spirits and wines but Ouzo is the local tipple and don’t overdo it !  An ouzo hangover is one you will certainly remember - for the wrong reasons !!!!

There are numerous bars in and around Acharavi.  Some bars are open all day and provide snacks, others are just night-bars.  As with restaurants, the trick is to try different places.  

The bars usually remain open until the early hours but you will find that the music may be turned down or the doors closed at midnight.  It is Greek law not to make too much noise on the street after that time.

Acharavi is not the kind of resort where you will find drunken teenagers and “lager louts”.  It is a family resort and great for socialising.

Most bars operate a table service system.  I.e. - you take a seat and someone will come to you to ask what you would like to drink.  The bill is usually paid when you have finished.  

Tipping is discretionary but it is good practice to tip if you have received good service.  Try not to do the infamous British pub thing, running to the bar waving money in the bartender’s face - he or she will probably be busy making drinks for those who have ordered from their table.  You will often not be allowed to jump the queue and will be expected to take a table like everyone else.  You’re on holiday - relax !

There’s lots to do.  Some bars provide quizzes, bingo, karaoke and a whole host of bar games.  Most big football games are shown in a number of bars as are other sporting events.  

For a taste of real Greece though, head for one of the small Greek bars (kafenions) you can find them in the resort but also in the mountain villages.  Every resort has one and it’s where the local Greeks go.  There are also a number of quiet bars/tavernas where you can while away the evening sipping cocktails or the local specialty - ouzo.

The Central Bar in Acharavi is open all day Ouzo is a strong aniseed flavoured drink and taken with water or sprite Mythos is found in all bars and is a nice refreshing beer
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